What is Lead Poisoning?

All pre 1950 rental properties need to have a valid lead certificate. This can be a Lead Free, Limited Lead Free or Full Risk Reduction (also known as dust swipes or lead safe).

Keeping Kids Safe

Effective Jan 1st, 2015 all 1950-1978 properties that have a tenant turnover will need a lead paint inspection. You will also need to register the property with MDE.

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Lead Paint Inspections for Baltimore, DMV Areas

Who We Are

At Lead Matters we offer lead paint inspections for rental properties in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas. Our certified inspectors will inspect your property to collect samples of the suspected lead paint areas based on the scope of work. We take collected samples to an independent licensed and certified laboratory to be analyzed. We have an excellent turnaround service for lab reports. All paperwork is done by our office, once lab results are received we will interpret the data on a laboratory analysis report, then issue you your certificate. We will submit all the necessary paperwork including a copy of your certificate to MDE on your behalf. We are committed to offering our clients a lead paint inspection performed with good, honest work ethics.

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